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Let’s start with the facts. There are 82 million Americans today lacking access to technology and a broadband connection. This isn’t just a national issue, it’s true across many western nations. If you’re reading this then you know that technology is essential to daily life, our education system and success in the workplace. Without it, a child cannot access her homework at home, a single dad will struggle to find and apply for jobs, a disabled veteran cannot get simple necessities delivered to his home. With access to basic technology like computers, laptops and wifi; a family, a student, a working mom will have the tools to rise above their socioeconomic barriers. This gap of those “with” and those “without” technology and a broadband connection is called the Digital Divide.

We are working to shrink the Digital Divide. Here at human-I-T we intake unwanted technology from companies, wipe the data, refurbish it and donate it to veterans, families, and schools in need. We don’t stop with the hardware. We offer low-cost internet and free digital literacy training to ensure that these communities can take advantage of their new equipment immediately.

So, what can you do? This week is International Digital Inclusion Week. It’s an opportunity for businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals to shine a light on this growing epidemic and to do something about it. Be a part of the movement:

  1. Donate your technology. HERE
  2. Talk to your IT or Sustainability department to request a pick-up, it’s free!
  3. Share this link on social spread awareness about the digital divide and give your friends, family and co-workers the opportunity to get involved.


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