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There are three solutions to bridging the digital divide – Having access to technology, an internet connection, and the know-how to use the two. This year, we are working on revamping our digital literacy program – and with the help of our partner Virgin Orbit, we look to launch a course that is out of this world (get it?!).

Virgin Orbit offers grants to community organizations who are making an impact in STEM fields. With their support, human-I-T will have the staffed needed to lead the curriculum, guide students through assignments, and engage them in the course.

Students will learn the anatomy of a computer, how to use the web safely, and communicate with friends and family all over (and even outside of) the globe. Being digitally literate is a lifelong learning skill, one that is equally important for students working towards a UNIVERsity diploma, and those who have already entered the workforce.

Thanks to Virgin Orbit for promoting programs and services that encourage our youth to grow and reach for the stars. And thanks to you, our reader for putting up with the space puns.


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