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At a time when everything is getting more expensive, it’s always good when you can find ways to make your dollar go farther. At Human-I-T, we believe everyone should have access to the limitless opportunities available online – regardless of their income. 

That’s why we refurbish technology that’s donated to us before we will even consider it as e-waste. After our team has successfully refurbished a device, our processing team then gets to work deciding whether it will be donated or sold for a very discounted price through our online store

However, we know people tend to be skeptical about whether or not buying refurbished laptops is worth it. So, we wanted to write this short blog discussing some must-know facts about refurbished laptops that might just prove why they’re so desirable (beyond the price). 

Refurbished laptops can run just as fast as new laptops (despite minor cosmetic imperfections)

One of the most common concerns people have when buying refurbished laptops is that their performance won’t be good. We understand that completely; the common belief is that used = old and broken. However, this way of thinking misses a few things

The first is that a refurbished laptop’s make and model heavily influences its performance. For example, the electronics and storage space of a Lenovo Thinkpad T480s are going to be better than a Google Pixelbook Go. So, a refurbished Thinkpad T480s will naturally run faster than a brand new Pixelbook just because of the quality of their internals. 

Additionally, quality laptop refurbishments usually include procedures like upgrading RAM and expanding storage space. This can make it so that older refurbished budget laptop models are cheaper, faster, and better equipped to run new software than new budget units. 

That being said, there are some things that refurbishment can’t easily get rid. That’s why it’s common to see a few scratches or scuffs on refurbished units. Unfortunately, some of these marks are nearly impossible to repair or remove and just have to be dealt with. However, these types of cosmetic imperfections are just that: cosmetic. They do not impact the speed or functionality of the laptop at all. Plus, cosmetic imperfections can actually be a bonus by leading to an even bigger discount from the retail price! 

Refurbished laptops are a better value than used laptops

Remember this: every refurbished laptop is a used laptop, but not every used laptop is a refurbished laptop. We know that seems contradictory to what this section is titled, but stick with us. Let’s remind ourselves what it means when a laptop is called “refurbished”. 

Refurbishment refers to a comprehensive series of steps that were taken to maximize the physical look and functionality of a device. This process begins with disassembling the laptop to check for and replace defective or missing components such as RAM, hard drives, and motherboards. Once that happens, laptop refurbishers will wipe any remaining data to ensure the privacy of previous users’ information. Then, they will install a new OS before testing the laptop to ensure functionality. Only after all of that has happened will laptop sellers label the laptop as being “refurbished”. 

Piles of laptops waiting to be refurbished and redistributed at our facility in Los Angeles

On the flip side, laptops do not have to go through any such process to be called “used”. Instead, a used laptop can refer to a laptop that was pre-owned and barely used, or one that was used daily for years. This is why we say that refurbished laptops and used laptops are not the same. One label refers to a process that ensures the device works well, while the other simply notes whether the device was used at all. So, if you’re looking for a discounted or cheap laptop that has a higher guarantee of quality, look for a refurbished model.

The best refurbished laptop sellers offer generous warranties

Another common source of unease when buying refurbished laptops is the fear that there will be no way to get help if something’s wrong. After all, third-party laptop sellers are not obligated by the same support guarantees or return policies offered by laptop manufacturers. 

That being said, quality refurbishers will offer decent warranties and return policies to ensure customers can continue using their devices in the event of hardware malfunctions. However, not all policies are created equal. Some warranties are very short, while others only guarantee support under certain circumstances. We strongly advise that you never purchase a laptop without a warranty (really you should only ever buy refurbished laptops with at least a six month warranty). 

Ideally though, you should try to find laptop refurbishers who provide generous warranty terms.  For example, Human-I-T laptops come with a one-year warranty that provides shoppers a replacement laptop of equal or better performance if their device fails within one year due to defective hardware. Not only that, but we also provide one year of free technical support with every laptop to ensure technical issues don’t prevent users from getting things done online.

A member of our technical support team hard at work remotely assisting a recipient with their device

No matter what length your laptop’s warranty is, be sure to thoroughly inspect and test your device as soon as you get it. 

Refurbished laptops are much more environmentally friendly than buying new laptops

Electronic waste, otherwise known as e-waste, is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Between now and the end of the decade, the amount of e-waste generated each year is set to grow from 54.7 million metric tons in 2022 to 75 million metric tons in 2030. In the meantime, e-waste will continue to pollute our soil, water, and air while negatively impacting the health of billions of people worldwide.

All of this is a product of technology manufacturers continually releasing new models with better features. This leads to consumers being willing to discard their perfectly usable “old” models in exchange for buying a newer, “better” one. Unfortunately, the speed at which new electronics are being produced means that downstream solutions to the e-waste crisis – such as e-waste recycling – are insufficient.  

Instead, we must prioritize recapturing, refurbishing, and redistributing electronics before they can make it to the landfill.  

Give the gift of technology for way below sticker price by shopping for refurbished laptops on the Human-I-T Online Store

The fact is that the refurbished laptop market is growing because people from all walks of life find great value in what they offer: fast, efficient performance for a fair price. 

That’s why we hope that you’ll help save our planet from e-waste while saving yourself some money by going to the Human-I-T Online Store to purchase laptops from here on out. 

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