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By. Michael Condra

The challenges we face today encompass multiple social issues that require resources, labor and solutions to meet our growing demand. One of the greatest social issues of our time, the digital divide, demands more solutions to help our communities and the environment. Programs such as PowerOn, OurCycle LA and human-I-T Connect focus on the social inequalities that many communities face.Thanks to our partnership with Alchemy Communications we’re able to assist families in these programs throughout Los Angeles.

For the past three years we have worked with Matthew Brazille, Director of Business Development at Alchemy Communications, on technology donations and digital inclusion efforts with internet access. “I believe anyone should have access to the internet that wants to do so,” he says. “Race, education background, economic status, or whether you’re male or female should not prevent a child or adult from accessing the internet via a computer. With nearly a quarter of the U.S. population unable to access the internet he believes that “these devices should be made available to those who want them regardless if they can afford them or not.”

The collaborative partnership between human-I-T and Alchemy is vital in helping communities get connected. In the past four years we have been able to distribute thousands of devices to individuals, young and old, connect resources they need. Our mission in helping others inspired Brazille to work alongside. Similarly, “Alchemy Communications takes its social and community obligations seriously to help educate and to make technology available to those who seek it. Alchemy Communications support to human-I-T helps us to achieve these community and social objectives.”

Bridging the digital divide takes the effort of multiple people, organizations and companies to connect under served communities. Our service oriented model has enabled us to divert E-waste away from landfills, provide computer and internet access to more people and open a new path for learning. We are very grateful to work with our partners at Alchemy Communications in order to make this happen and open new possibilities in our community.

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