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Finding cheap internet in Miami that’s actually high-quality is a struggle. In a city where the digital skyline is as dazzling as its beaches, the reality of internet connectivity is often contrasting. Amidst plenty of touted ‘best’ internet options, a significant portion of the community faces a pressing dilemma: accessibility and affordability. 

While various providers boast high-speed and comprehensive services, for many Miami residents, especially in low-income areas, these options remain just out of reach. This imbalance in digital access doesn’t just hinder the ability to browse or stream; it creates barriers to essential educational, employment, and social opportunities. 

Addressing the digital divide demands a deeper understanding of what truly makes an internet option ‘the best’ for all Miamians. But, in the meantime, we must focus our attention on ensuring that working-class people can enjoy genuinely high-quality cheap internet in Miami.

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Quick Answers to Find the Best Cheap Internet in Miami

The cheapest internet in Miami is provided by the non-profit Human-I-T, which offers income-qualified individuals speeds up to 150 Mbps for just $15 per month through its Gold Membership. However, considering only for-profit providers, the most affordable internet in Miami is provided by Xfinity and Breezeline. Xfinity offers speeds up to 75 Mbps for just $20/month with widespread coverage, though prices increase after the first year. Breezeline has a $20/month plan for 100 Mbps with no contract, but coverage is limited and the price jumps to $60 after 12 months.

For those looking for faster speeds at a reasonable cost, AT&T Fiber provides 300 Mbps for $55/month with no data caps or contracts. T-Mobile Home Internet is another decent value at $60/month for up to 245 Mbps, no data caps, and no contracts, but speeds can be inconsistent.

While Hotwire Communications offers ultra-fast 1,000 Mbps fiber, plans are more expensive and availability is restricted to select residential buildings. Factors like speed needs, budget, contract preferences, and coverage area should be weighed when choosing the best cheap internet provider in Miami.

Understanding Who is Need of Cheap Internet in Miami

In Miami-Dade County, a startling 20.5% of households lack any internet subscription, a rate that escalates to 32.2% within the city of Miami itself. 

This gap represents a fundamental barrier to accessing the digital world, crucial for education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. The divide is particularly pronounced in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, where the lack of affordable internet access compounds existing social and economic challenges. Approximately 36% of black people and 21% of Hispanic people in Miami do not have internet access.  Additionally, 23.6% of individuals under 18 do not have internet access. 

Students in these positions struggle with online learning, adults face barriers in job searching and telecommuting, and families are cut off from essential digital services. Similarly, the job market, increasingly reliant on online access for job searches and applications, places residents without the internet at a disadvantage. In a city with a median household income of $41,818, this divide not only limits job opportunities but also restricts economic mobility. 

Analyzing Internet Providers in Miami

Miami’s digital divide highlights the need for internet plans that are not only fast and reliable but also accessible and affordable for all residents. Here, we delve into various internet plans, examining their pros, cons, contracts, coverage, and setup, to gauge their true accessibility for low-income families.

AT&T Fiber

  • Speed and Price: Offers speeds from 300 Mbps for $55/month to 5,000 Mbps for $250/month.
  • Pros: Wide speed range suitable for diverse needs; no data caps.
  • Cons: High-tier plans may be out of reach for budget-conscious families.
  • Contracts and Coverage: No annual contracts; coverage varies across Miami, potentially limiting availability.
  • Setup: Offers a self-installation option, reducing initial costs.


  • Speed and Price: Speeds range from 75 Mbps at $20/month to 2,000 Mbps at $120/month.
  • Pros: Broad selection of plans; widespread coverage in Miami.
  • Cons: Pricing can be confusing; rates increase after promotional periods.
  • Contracts and Coverage: Some plans may require a 1-2 year commitment.
  • Setup: Charges for professional installation; self-installation kit available.


  • Speed and Price: $20/month for 100 Mbps, jumping to $60 after the first year.
  • Pros: Initially affordable; no contract for the basic plan.
  • Cons: Limited coverage in Miami; significant price increase after the first year.
  • Contracts and Coverage: No long-term commitment required; coverage limited to about 10% of Miami.
  • Setup: Easy self-installation process.

Hotwire Communications

  • Speed and Price: Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps; pricing varies.
  • Pros: Ultra-fast fiber option; ideal for heavy internet usage.
  • Cons: High cost; limited availability.
  • Contracts and Coverage: Contract terms vary; service primarily available in select residential buildings.
  • Setup: Professional installation required, which may incur additional costs.

T-Mobile Home Internet

  • Speed and Price: Up to 245 Mbps for $60/month.
  • Pros: No data caps; includes equipment.
  • Cons: Variable speeds and reliability depending on location.
  • Contracts and Coverage: No contracts; availability based on T-Mobile network coverage.
  • Setup: Simple self-setup; no installation fee.

This analysis underscores the challenge of finding truly cheap internet in Miami. Even with programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), the cost of internet service remains a barrier for many. The variability in contracts, coverage, and setup fees further complicates the landscape, making it difficult for low-income families to find a plan that meets their needs without straining their budget.

Human-I-T’s Approach to Providing More than Just Cheap Internet in Miami

Navigating Miami’s digital landscape reveals a crucial need for equitable internet access, a challenge Human-I-T addresses head-on.

With initiatives aimed at providing low-cost internet access, refurbished digital devices, and digital literacy training, Human-I-T does more to holistically address Miami’s digital divide than private providers who only focus on internet access. Our efforts highlight the importance of comprehensive solutions in closing the digital divide, ensuring that every Miami resident has the opportunity to connect and thrive in the digital age.

Our Gold Member program is more than just a gateway to affordable internet and devices; it’s an invitation to enjoy the limitless connectivity we should all enjoy anyway. With every person who signs up, we’re empowering households with the tools and education necessary for success in today’s digital world. 

Fill out the form below to take the first step towards getting high-speed cheap internet in Miami. Let us help you unlock the limitless possibilities of the online world, regardless of your financial situation. Together, we can create a more equitable digital landscape for all Miamians.

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