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DETROIT, May 10, 2021: human-I-T, a leading nonprofit that aims to eliminate the digital divide and promote equitable access to technology and internet connectivity, is one of the only providers participating in the new, limited-time Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program to offer steep discounts on both high-speed internet and low-cost devices. Starting May 12, 2021, eligible low-income households will receive a monthly discount off the cost of broadband service. Recipients are also eligible to purchase an affordable Chromebook laptop, including a full warranty, tech support, and access to digital skills training. Eligible households can enroll by visiting

“This program lowers the barriers to entry for students, seniors, and families who have struggled to get connected and stay connected to the internet throughout the pandemic. In Michigan, 30-40% of students did not have reliable internet access last semester. The EBB Program will reduce the number of unconnected individuals as we begin to come out of the pandemic,” said AJ Middleton, Director of Programs at human-I-T.

The Program will provide eligible households with discounts of up to $50 a month for broadband service and a one-time discount of up to $100 on a computer or tablet for eligible households. This allows human-I-T to offer a bundle including home internet and a laptop for as low as $105.

Since 2012, human-I-T has partnered with local, state, and Federal agencies- as well as private partners- to provide innovative, holistic services to families left out on the wrong side of the digital divide. To date, more than 72,600 individuals have benefited from human-I-T’s digital inclusion programs. human-I-T launched in Detroit in 2020 with support from the Mayor’s Office for Digital Inclusion and General Motors.

“For nearly a decade, our organization has created opportunities and empowered communities by providing equitable access to technology and the internet. We’re excited to participate in this national program to close the divide once and for all,” said Gabe Middleton, CEO of human-I-T.

To learn more about the Emergency Broadband Benefit program or to enroll your household, please visit or call 888-268-3921 and select “low-cost internet.”

About human-I-T: human-I-T is a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable opportunities for all people, every organization, and the planet. With locations in Long Beach and Bell, CA and in Detroit, MI, human-I-T connects people to devices, affordable internet, digital skills training, and tech support through its innovative programs and partnerships. For more information, please visit

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