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The Fosters Star Gavin MacIntosh Partners with human-I-T’s #PowerOn Program 

to Help LGBTQ, At-Risk and Homeless Teens

Los Angeles, February 2, 2016 – As a young actor, Gavin MacIntosh has become a role model to LGBTQ teens, as a result of his role as ‘Connor Stevens’ on the critically acclaimed TV series The Fosters (which airs weekly on Freeform, formally known as ABC Family). Viewers have followed the trials and tribulations of Connor, who on the show has come out, but has had to deal with the ramifications of being an openly gay high school student with a closed minded parent.

Understanding that LGBTQ teens across America experience real-life challenges in their everyday lives, Gavin MacIntosh has teamed up with human-I-T’s #PowerOn program. He currently appears in a PSA video “Gavin MacIntosh Help PowerUp #PowerOn” that is poised to go viral on YouTube.

The #PowerOn video’s objective is to encourage people from all walks of life to donate their used and unwanted smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers to the #PowerOn program, so that these electronics can be refurbished, loaded with software, apps, and free resources, and then distributed to LGBTQ teenagers who are at-risk, homeless, or who are in need of technological resources that could help them better deal with their current situation or challenges.

“After being refurbished and loaded with useful resources, mobile devices are distributed to homeless shelters and other places that work with teens who are LGBT or questioning. In many ways, this technology gives the recipients whole new ways to ask questions, connect with peers, and seek out support that’s needed,” explained MacIntosh. “I am extremely proud to be working with this program, and wholeheartedly believe in the work it’s doing.”

Since most American teens have the latest mobile technologies, and regularly update their equipment as new models are released, the #PowerOn campaign targets these teenagers and encourages them to donate their old, outdated, or even broken mobile devices that they no longer use.

Using the slogan “Straight But Not Narrow,” the #PowerOn program’s PSA targets everyone who already knows how important having a communications tool like a smartphone, tablet, or notebook computer is in a teenager’s everyday life. The PSA video also reminds viewers that while most people take these technologies for granted, not all teenagers have access to them.

“Knowledge is power, and putting electronics into the hands of a homeless teen gives him or her the ability to access the Internet and gather information, plus learn about resources available to them, make Internet phone calls, utilize email, and potentially reconnect with estranged relatives or friends, for example,” stated James Jack, co-founder of human-I-T.

“Using electronics, our goal is to help at-risk LGBTQ teenagers harness the power of information, and erase the digital divide that can keep them from accessing whatever resources are at their disposal. Even if someone doesn’t have electronics they can donate themselves, simply by sharing and promoting the link to our YouTube video through their own social media accounts, and using the hashtag #PowerOn, anyone can help boost awareness about this program,” added Jack.

Someone interested in donating an old smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer, can visit human-I-T’s Donate Technology Page or call (888) 268-3921. Donated electronics get wiped clean of the existing data using industry-standard SecureErase tools, is refurbished, and then gets loaded with useful apps and resources by the organization’s team of tech-savvy volunteers. The donated electronics are then distributed to LGBTQ teens in need through a variety of reputable, not-for-profit organizations.

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