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So, you’ve made the smart choice and invested in a refurbished laptop. Congratulations!

Not only have you saved some cash, but you’ve also contributed to a more sustainable future by giving a pre-loved device a new lease on life.

But now that you’ve got your refurbished laptop, how do you make sure it stays in top-notch condition for as long as possible?

You read this blog! From practical cleaning tips to software care, battery maintenance, and even handling techniques, this blog will answer some of the most common questions about refurbished laptop care. 

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech guru to follow these tips.

So, whether you’re a first-time refurbished laptop owner or just looking to brush up on your maintenance skills, this blog will help you get the most out of your refurbished laptop. 

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

The value of care and maintenance for refurbished laptops

When you bring home a refurbished laptop, you’re not just saving money—you’re also giving a second life to a device that still has a lot to offer. But to make sure your laptop lives its best second life, it needs a little bit of TLC. Just like a car needs regular oil changes and tire rotations, your laptop needs routine care to keep it running smoothly.

Think of your laptop as a high-performance machine. It’s designed to handle complex tasks, juggle multiple applications, and store a wealth of data. But just like any machine, it can get bogged down if it’s not properly cared for. Over time, unnecessary files can pile up, slowing down your laptop. Dust can sneak into nooks and crannies, causing your laptop to overheat. And without the right protection, your laptop can fall prey to viruses and malware.

But don’t worry—taking care of your laptop doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, with a few simple habits, you can keep your laptop in tip-top shape and extend its lifespan. And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech whiz to do it.

So, are you ready to learn how to keep your refurbished laptop running like new? Let’s dive into some practical tips and tricks.

Handy tips for keeping your refurbished laptop in tip-top shape

Make it habit to digitally declutter your computer

Just like a tidy room makes it easier to find your favorite book, a clean laptop runs smoother and faster. Here’s how you can do a digital declutter:

How to declutter a Windows laptop:

  1. Open your browser, click on the three dots in the top right corner
  2. Select ‘History’, then ‘Clear Browsing Data’
  3. Choose ‘All Time’ and make sure ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ are checked before you hit ‘Clear Data’.

How to declutter a Mac computer:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on ‘History’ in the menu bar
  3. Click ‘Clear History’
  4. Select ‘all history’ 
  5. Click ‘Clear History’ again.

Take care of your refurbished laptop’s battery

Your laptop’s battery is like its heart—it keeps everything running. Here’s how to keep it healthy:

How to care for a Windows’ computer battery:

  1. Unplug your laptop once it’s fully charged. 
  2. If you’re using it without the battery, make sure to plug it back in before it drops below 20%.

How to care for a Mac battery:

  1. Apple’s macOS takes care of this for you with its Optimized Battery Charging feature. Just make sure it’s enabled in ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Battery’ > ‘Battery Health’.

Keep your laptop safe with antivirus software

Antivirus software is like a security guard for your laptop. It keeps out unwanted visitors. Here’s how to set it up:

How to check Windows Defender status:

  1. Windows Defender is built into your system. 
  2. To check it’s on, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Update & Security’ > ‘Windows Security’ > ‘Virus & threat protection’.

How to check Mac Firewall status:

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Security & Privacy’. 
  2. Make sure ‘Firewall’ is turned on. 
  3. For extra protection, consider downloading a trusted antivirus program from the App Store.

Keep your refurbished computer clean

A clean laptop is a happy laptop. To keep your refurbished Windows device or refurbished Mac dust-free, first turn off your laptop and unplug it. 

Then, use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the exterior, making sure not to apply too much pressure. For the keyboard, use a can of compressed air to blow away dust from out and underneath the keys. 

These steps alone should be sufficient for most purposes. However, remember to never use water or cleaning fluids directly on your laptop.

Handle your laptop with care

Your laptop may be sturdy, but it still needs to be handled with care. 

Whether you have a Windows or Mac device, make sure to always carry your laptop in a protective case. 

Additionally, avoid placing it on the edge of tables or other high surfaces where it could fall and get damaged. 

Finally, when opening your laptop, open it slowly from the middle, not the corners, as this helps prevent cracks. 

Regularly update your laptop’s software

Keeping your laptop’s software up-to-date is like giving it a regular health check. Here’s how to do it:

How to check for updates to Windows software:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Update & Security’
  3. Go to ‘Windows Update’
  4. Click ‘Check for updates’.

How to check for updates to Mac software: 

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner
  2. Click ‘System Preferences’
  3. Click ‘Software Update’. 
  4. If there are updates available, click ‘Update Now’.

Now that you’re equipped with these practical tips, you’re well on your way to keeping your refurbished laptop running like a champ. But what happens when things go wrong? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in the next section.

Regular laptop maintenance checklist

Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your refurbished laptop running smoothly and maximizing its lifespan. Use this checklist as a guide to help you take the best care of your laptop. Happy computing!

Regular clean-up

  •  Clear browser cache, cookies, and other junk
  •  Wipe the exterior with a soft, dry cloth
  •  Use a can of compressed air to clean the keyboard

Battery care

  •  Unplug the laptop once it’s fully charged
  •  Avoid letting the battery drop below 20% before plugging it in

Antivirus protection

  •  Ensure antivirus software is installed and active
  •  Regularly update antivirus software

Physical care

  •  Always carry the laptop in a protective case
  •  Avoid placing the laptop on the edge of tables or other high surfaces

Software updates

  •  Regularly check for and install software updates

Data backup

  •  Regularly backup data to an external drive or cloud storage

Safe usage practices

  •  Avoid eating or drinking near the laptop
  •  Store the laptop in a safe place when not in use

Frequently Asked Questions about maintaining refurbished laptops

We know you might still have some questions about taking care of your refurbished laptop. So, we’ve gathered some of the most common ones and answered them right here for you.

How often should I clean a refurbished laptop?

Cleaning your laptop is a bit like brushing your teeth—it’s best to do it regularly. We recommend giving your laptop a quick clean every week, and a more thorough clean every month.

What are the signs that my refurbished laptop’s battery needs to be replaced?

If your laptop’s battery drains quickly, doesn’t charge fully, or the laptop shuts down unexpectedly, it might be time for a new battery.

How to check the health of a Windows laptop battery:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click on ‘System’
  3. Click on ‘Battery’. If the battery health is below 60%, consider replacing it.

How to check the health of a Mac battery:

  1. Hold the ‘Option’ key and click the battery icon in the menu bar. 
  2. If it says ‘Replace Soon’, ‘Replace Now’, or ‘Service Battery’, it’s time for a new battery.

Can I upgrade the hardware on my refurbished laptop?

Yes, you can! 

But it’s a bit like doing surgery—you need to know what you’re doing. In the event that you mess up and damage something, you could void your hardware warranty and be stuck with an unusable device. 

Before you start, make sure to back up your data. Then, check the user manual or manufacturer’s website to see what upgrades are possible. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, consider taking your laptop to a professional.

My laptop is running slow. What can I do?

A slow laptop can be a sign that it’s time for a little TLC. Here are a few things you can try:

How to free up space on a Windows device:

Try running a disk cleanup. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Storage’ > ‘Configure Storage Sense or run it now’.

How to free up space on a Mac disk:

Try freeing up disk space by going to ‘Apple menu’ > ‘About This Mac’ > ‘Storage’ > ‘Manage’.

We hope these answers help you feel more confident about maintaining your refurbished laptop. But remember, if you’re ever unsure about something, it’s always best to ask for help. 

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And there you have it! Taking care of your refurbished laptop doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little bit of regular care and attention, you can keep your laptop running smoothly and extend its lifespan. Remember, a well-maintained laptop isn’t just a joy to use—it’s also a smart investment.

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So, whether you’re working from home, studying, or just browsing the web, a refurbished laptop from Human-I-T can be the perfect companion. And with the tips we’ve shared in this blog, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your laptop in top shape for years to come.

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