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Detroit Digital Inclusion Week 2020

To cap off 2020’s Digital Inclusion Week in October, human-I-T donated 500 free computers through four organizations that have been working to bridge the digital divide in Detroit: JOURNI, Brilliant Detroit, NPower Detroit, and Detroit School for Digital Technology.

With these devices, each organization was able to empower their beneficiaries to continue learning, growing, and thriving through their core programs without being constrained by a lack of connectivity.

Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion

In 2020, families suddenly had to juggle working and keeping kids engaged in at-home school, with many relying on limited or outdated technology.

To ease this burden, human-I-T partnered with the Long Beach YMCA and the LBCEI to supply Long Beach families with like-new devices and low-cost internet connections to help them stay connected to their community and continue their day to day lives without disruption.

Los Angeles Community College District

As nearly every Southern California college switched to online learning, many students without access to personal technology or high-speed internet worried for their educational prospects.

Realizing the negative consequences this would have on our state, human-I-T partnered with the Los Angeles Community College District to donate 9,541 Google Chromebooks to low-income students to make sure no student was left behind.


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