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At Human-I-T, we believe our capability to create equitable access to digital opportunities is rooted in how easy we make it for our partners to do good. Thankfully, by embodying our values of creative collaboration, continuous improvement, and excellence in execution, we’ve compelled a growing roster of organizations to promote digital inclusion by either lending their financial support or by donating unwanted technology.  

But every now and then, there comes along an organization who wants to make an ongoing, positive impact on our world beyond just signing a check or donating technology. One of these organizations is Laserfiche, a SaaS company based in Long Beach, and a pivotal new partner in our desire to cultivate universal digital equity. 

To say that we feel like this is a match made in heaven would be an understatement. Rarely do we feel like our partners so wholly align with our values and vision like Laserfiche does. 

Like Human-I-T, Laserfiche was founded on the belief that access to technology is key to facilitating positive change in our world. Additionally, Laserfiche champions sustainable business practices and, like us, aims to empower under-resourced young people to pursue an education. To put it simply, Laserfiche and Human-I-T agree that, through social entrepreneurship and a shared dedication to corporate social responsibility, we can make the world a more sustainable, equitable place. 

Of course, plenty of organizations believe these things. After all, what organization isn’t going to say they want to make the world a better place? What makes Laserfiche different from the rest is how they go about actually making that happen. 

They’ve not only created a company culture that celebrates employees donating to and supporting causes they care about, but they actively facilitate and encourage employees to volunteer and share their knowledge throughout their communities. Laserfiche promotes an internal environment that prioritizes the understanding of diverse perspectives  and ensures the best ideas for how to actualize positive change through technology always rise to the top.. 

What makes Laserfiche truly different from the rest is how Laserfiche took their desire to protect the environment and uplift people in-need and ran with it. They looked at the two most common partnership options we have – donating money or technology – and said “We’ll do both. The Earth and its people need it.”

Can you see why we’re excited about having them in our corner? With partners like Laserfiche beside us, we’re more confident than ever in our ability to inspire a world where conscious capitalism drives sustainable and just opportunities for all people, organizations, and our planet to thrive.

To learn more about how you can get your company involved in doing good, contact Vanessa Gorski, Donor Relations Manager, at

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