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When it comes to gaining job experience it can be difficult when your in school and trying to figure out what you want to do or how to do it. Research shows that 40% of students are graduating without the necessary reasoning skills needed for the workplace. This trend continues even though more students are graduating from high school and college than ever before. That is why human-I-T and VitalLink have recently partnered together to provide hands on experience for students throughout the Orange County area.

This new partnership will aim to place students in volunteer and internship opportunities with human-I-T and help them figure out a career path that fits their interests. As part of our mission to help our local community, our advisor Kevin Patel from Contuitiv Consulting, who introduced us to VitalLink said that both of our organizations “strive to serve the community by providing repurposed technology. We felt it was a great match to link both companies together to ultimately serve our communities with education, technology and future employment.”

Echoing a similar belief, Erick Quiñones who works for VitalLink said that “this partnership between Vital Link and human-I-T is established upon the common drive to help bring educational tools to those in need to Explore, Discover and Connect students to meaningful careers. As partners, this will allow us to do more for students and educators. This is an exciting opportunity and one we will be looking to expand upon in the days to come.”

This new link for students will not only help them gain experience, but build on their ability to think critically will help them succeed in school, in a career and beyond. We’re very happy to partner with a great organization and our collaboration will work to assist students to determine their career path and necessary reasoning skills needed for the future.

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