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human-I-T’s three-pronged approach to helping low-income families gain access to tech consists of the computer itself, a high-speed internet connection, and digital literacy training.

A computer on its own is simply a hammer, the internet connectivity is the box of nails, and the training classes are the blueprint of how to build a better and brighter future. Because of the support from Supervisor Janice Hahn, we will now soon be launching our digital literacy program, which will provide that “blueprint” for low-income individuals, at no cost to them.

Digital literacy is an issue Janice Hahn is passionate about, stating, “Too many low-income families find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. It not only makes it harder for their kids to get an education, it eliminates job opportunities and cuts off families from resources. I am partnering with human I-T not only to help close the digital divide but launch digital literacy programs so that families have the tools and training they need to thrive.”

We are very thankful for Supervisor Han’s support and hope to work with her and her team again in the future.


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