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Every week we like to look back at everything we have read to bring you more information about the digital divide, digital inclusion and technology trends from around the web. Today on The Weekly Plug we look at our Co-Founder being featured in a the Partners Bridge the Digital Divide newsletter, a successful OurCycle LA even with Herb J. Wesson Jr,  and how cities are incorporating digital inclusion policies in their practices in this edition of The Weekly Plug.

Partners Bridging The Digital Divide
Our Co-Founder James Jack was recently featured in the Partner Bridging The Digital Divide newsletter covering the Net Inclusion 2017 conference in St. Louis.

OurCylce LA – Computer Giveaway
Our recent OurCycle LA event with Herb J. Wesson has enabled more families to stay connected. Watch the video from LA This Week to hear more about it.

How Cities Are Incorporating Digital Inclusion Into Their Services
“As life increasingly migrates into the digital realm, more agencies within municipal government are finding that digital inclusion — the effort to provide all residents with equal access to technology, as well as the related skills to benefit — is vital to the well-being of the public.”

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