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Every week we like to look back at everything we have read to bring you more information about the digital divide, digital inclusion and technology trends from around the web. Today on The Weekly Plug we look at Operation Easter Basket, the social cost of digital exclusion and Earth Day events for the coming weekend in this edition of The Weekly Plug.

Operation Easter Basket was a success! human-I-T & over 30 local organizations helped fill 2,959 Easter baskets with essential items for low-income families. We’re incredibly proud to support families in Long Beach, Californica and work with Justin Rudd.

The Social Cost of Digital Inclusion

While the digital divide is well known and discussed throughout different spheres of digital inclusion there are also other unknown cost. What do we call it when people are unable to access social services or how employers can’t find talented candidates to fill their organization? This we can call “digital exclusion” or how the digital divide not only separates people from the internet, but from opportunities. Read more about The Social Cost of Digital Exclusion through the link above.

Earth Day 2017 Technology Drive

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with human-I-T through our technology drive. Human-I-T will reduce your E-waste and ensure your technology will be reused by others! Support us for Earth Day 2017  with your donation. Your part is an essential role in preventing the harmful effects that E-waste has on the environment. Help us this Earth Day by donating your old technology to those in need. Read more with the link above.

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