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Every week we like to look back at everything we have done to bring you more information about the digital divide, digital inclusion and technology trends from around the web. Today on The Weekly Plug we look at how human-I-T and The Burbank Master Recycler Program are reducing E-waste, Alienware’s powerful new laptop that has virtual reality capabilities and a new artificial intelligence program that can rewrite it’s own code which increase its intelligence.

human-I-T and The Burbank Master Recycler Program

We recently gave a presentation at The Burbank Master Recycler Program to speak more about reducing and reusing E-waste. Brandon Smith, an Account Executive at human-I-T discussed at length with attendees on the importance of not only reducing E-waste, but using it as a resource in our community. By showing volunteers how E-waste effects our community we can share our mission with others change the its perception.

Alienware Virtual Reality Laptop 

The next round of laptops from the Miami based computer manufacturer will literally take you out of this world. Alienware’s next generation will be one of the best portable laptops for both virtual and non-virtual reality based games. With “the smallest powerhouse laptop produced by the company. The 13 R3 is extremely compact for a VR-compatible system, but portability comes at a premium. Even so, the laptop has a lot to offer gamers and everyday users outside of virtual reality.”

Virtual Buttons On The iPhone 8

Rumors on the upcoming iPhone 8 have been circling around for months, but according the upcoming iPhone may have an infrared sensor and 3D camera. In addition to this “the Wall Street Journal said in mid-June that the iPhone 8 will be radically different. New information from sources speaking to Bloomberg also reiterate that the iPhone 8 may “appear like a single sheet of glass.”

New Artificial Intelligence Rewrites Itself

The technology company Gamalon has recently developed a new artificial intelligence program that learns how to rewrite and perfect its code. This has wide applications that could be applied to everything from “teaching a smartphone to recognize a user’s preferences to helping autonomous driving systems quickly identify obstacles.”

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