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Every week we like to look back at everything we have read to bring you more information about the digital divide, digital inclusion and technology trends from around the web. Today on The Weekly Plug we look at how the internet developed, what the post smartphone world will look like, how the digital divide will change in the future and our partnership highlight with Alchemy Communications in this edition of The Weekly Plug.

What is the internet?

What do we mean when we say internet? How does it work? This video from shares insights in the founding and operational side of today’s massive global network that is shaping our lives. Also, hear from Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet age.

What Does The Post Smartphone World Mean For E-Waste?

As smartphone continue to change our lives everyday and impact the way we communicate with each other what will happen when we no longer use them? What impact will this have on E-waste? By reusing old technology for new purposes we will be able to limit harmful effects on the environment and breathe new life into our handheld devices. Click the image above to read more!

What Is The Digital Divide of The Future?

As we continue to make progress on the connecting more people to the internet, what impact will this have later on? As our attention grows in new ways with the internet can will be able to break away to enjoy new things? Read more from e-nvironmentalist to find out.

Bridging The Digital Divide With Alchemy Communications

Working with Alchemy Communications over past few years has helped us connect more people to the internet. By working with our close partner at Alchemy, Matthew Brazille, who believes in the same mission as us that “anyone should have access to the internet that wants to do so.” Read more about our partnership highlight above.

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What Does The Post Smartphone World Mean For E-Waste?

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