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By. Michael Condra

What is probably one of the most fundamental shifts in education since the 19th century, online courses has enabled opened access to learning for everyone. It can be overwhelming If you’re new to the internet and don’t have a clue where to go for free online classes. There are nearly endless online sources for free online courses, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find what you need. We’ve put together a review of different online education companies that can offer you a variety of courses with some that offer certificates as well.


What’s really distinct about Cousera is that you don’t need prior knowledge to begin a majority of their free online courses. These courses are designed to give you a leg up on new topics that are new to you and offer great mentorship in the process. While taking courses such as Digital MarketingEntrepreneurship and Business Foundations you will gain access to professors from the top universities in the world such as Stanford, Duke and Johns Hopkins. After taking a few online courses from here you won’t be disappointed.    


While this may look similar to Coursera, it involves a deeper level of coursework with projects, assignments and testing. If you can handle a deep dive into Data ScienceCybersecurity Fundamentals, or any of the other math and science courses then this is designed for you. Another aspect that differentiates edX from Coursera is that they are “the only leading online MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider that is both a nonprofit and open source.”

Khan Academy

What started off to teach people math and how to code has ballooned into a multidisciplinary online learning center. Khan Academy was around before edX and Cousera arrived on the since and have stayed competitive. You can learn from a range of topics from Algebra 1 to Finance and Capital Markets that offer detailed video instructions to help you through any problem. In addition, they also provide test prep for the MCAT, GMAT and SATs. This place is helpful for anyone to “learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.”

The next time you decide to learn anything from quantum theory to world history check here with us to help you decide your next move.

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